Outsource your Financial Reconciliation. EDCH has the facilities and the certified professionals to generate a complete financial report.

Financial clearing and settlement with its varied terms and multiple currencies is a challenging task in which revenue assurance, transparency, control and the continuous flow of information are vital.

Our specially designed software supports our experienced team in efficiently processing the multitude of transactions – leaving you to concentrate on your core business matters.

The EDCH Online website provides you with round the clock access to all your financial transaction details. Our custom reports, also available on EDCH Online, can present your data in the way you want it, easing comprehension and simplifying your monthly analysis. These custom reports include:

  • 1

    Ledger report

  • 2

    Ageing report (by traffic month, by date or by invoice date)

  • 3

    Reconciliation report (for missing invoices, disputed invoices, TAP IN and reconciled TAP IN)

  • 4

    Monthly cycle reporting

  • 5

    Cash Reconciliation Report