The RAEX IR.21 service allows operators to outsource the entire IR.21 document maintenance process to EDCH.

Since July 2011, it is mandatory for operators to use the RAEX document format when publishing their IT.21 documents on the GSMA Infocentre.

Whilst the InfoCentre offers the facility for operators to enter their IR.21 details and generate the document in RAEX format, operators can save time by outsourcing the entire data entry process to EDCH. The operator can then upload the RAEX IR.21 to the GSMA InfoCentre where it will be available to other operators.
EDCH has years of experience in generating and validating RAEX XML documents, which can be a time-consuming and difficult process for those who are not familiar with it.
Using our solution, within a matter of days EDCH can provide you with a RAEX-compliant IR.21 document which can be updated at any time, upon your request.
By outsourcing RAEX IR.21 management to EDCH, operators can reduce their administrative workload and focus their resources on the core of their roaming business.

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