MWC 2016

Unleash your roaming profits with EDCH Solutions @MWC 2016

25th February 2016

February 2016, Dubai UAE, Emirates Data Clearing House – one of the leading data clearing house in the MENA region have announced its campaign for MWC 2016 that will revolve around unleashing the roaming profits with the specialized EDCH solutions.


XINTEC signs new deal with global data clearing house, EDCH

24th February 2016

Dublin, 24th February, 2016: There was further success for Irish businesses at the Mobile World Congress this week as XINTEC announced that it has signed a partnership deal with EDCH, one of the world’s leading data clearing houses.


Strategizing and moving with the industry will ensure we achieve our milestones

20th October 2015

Emirates Data Clearing House, General Manager Nasser Salim speaks about the new trends and the industry outlook that prevails in the data clearing Business.

EDCH Accuris

Emirates Data Clearing House launches first GSM-Architecture based Wi-Fi hub in the region

15th October 2015

Emirates Data Clearing House (EDCH), the region’s largest mobile services Data Clearing House provider, announced a partnership with Accuris Networks to launch the region’s first WRiX-capable (Wireless Roaming Intermediary Exchange) Wi-Fi Hub for International Wi-Fi roaming and domestic mobile data offload services.

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