PRA Settlement

Preferred Roaming Agreement (PRA) is an agreement between two roaming partners where both of them exchange their roaming traffic towards each other.

By outsourcing the PRA settlement process to EDCH, operators can save time as EDCH will handle the time consuming PRA maintenance on behalf of clients allowing clients to focus on their core business as well as having revenue assurance.

Our specially designed software supports our experienced team in efficiently processing the multitude of transactions – leaving you to concentrate on your core business matters.

The EDCH Online website provides you with round the clock access to all your financial transaction details. Our custom reports, also available on EDCH Online, can present your data in the way you want it, easing comprehension and simplifying your monthly analysis. These custom reports include:

EDCH can assist clients with leveraging PRAs in the following ways:

  • 1

    Validating a proposed agreement in terms of settlement dates and provide general guidance to the agreement.

  • 2

    Providing the necessary monthly traffic reports and calculating the discount as per the PRA.

  • 3

    Issuing credit/debit notes as necessary and included with settlement cycle.

EDCH Finance department will calculate the discount based on signed agreements with the selected currency converted from Special Drawing Rights (SDR) for currency settlement.