Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics is a suite of business intelligence products which can predict the effects of changes to an operator’s IOT (Inter-Operator Tariff), to assist with maximising roaming revenues.

With our partner NeuString, EDCH offers the opportunity to drive your business by making decisions based on analysis of one of your most valuable company assets: TAP file data.

The challenge is no longer in handling the data, but in seizing opportunities for competitive advantage by leveraging the insights hidden in TAP file data. NeuString’s OptiPrizer is a solution that provides you with these insights for your ”wholesale” and ”retail” roaming businesses. OptiPrizer helps you to make informed decisions and provides real-time performance monitoring of bilateral agreements, KPIs, traffic steering policies, pricing policies, enabling better customer retention and acquisition, ultimately optimizing your roaming business.

Unlike other business intelligence applications, which merely present summaries of historical data, NeuString’s OptiPrizer takes business intelligence to the next level by predicting the future outcomes of events not yet observed in data. The power lies in the ability to transform raw data into valuable, actionable, strategic decision information at the right time, in the right format, for the right people.

OptiPrizer Wholesale

The OptiPrizer Wholesale application identifies how you can optimize your IOT while also considering other important factors such as bilateral discount schemes, traffic steering, changes in traffic, the effects of wholesale campaigns, and partnerships with other roaming partners. If you plan to make a change in your IOT such as increasing charges, or introducing zoning, you will be able to calculate immediately the effects of such changes.

OptiPrizer Retail

OptiPrizer Retail allows you to design and offer to both your prepaid and postpaid subscribers bespoke, transparent and attractive roaming packages; to monitor the real-time performance of existing packages, and to take proactive and corrective actions.

Predictive Dashboard

With the Predictive Dashboard you will get precise, detailed and up-to-date information available about your business, at your desktop.

The Predictive Dashboard allows you to configure, monitor and follow your key performance indicators. You can set KPIs, thresholds, and alarms, enabling efficient business optimization and quick responses to changes in your business environment.