EDCH has been offering RAEX services since 2008, managed by highly dedicated employees specialized in supporting RAEX IR.21.

EDCH offers a fully outsourced solution providing both XML and PDF versions of operators’ IR.21 documents, for uploading to the GSMA InfoCentre. EDCH will provide the updated RAEX documents when the client requires any changes.

The GSMA InfoCentre offers the facility for operators to enter their IR.21 details and generate the document in RAEX format, operators can save time by outsourcing the entire data entry process to EDCH. The operator can then upload the RAEX IR.21 to the GSMA InfoCentre where it will be available to other operators.

EDCH takes one to four days appx. in completing the entire process of generating a full RAEX IR.21 document . Upon completion, EDCH will provide the RAEX XML and PDF versions of the client’s IR.21 document. EDCH currently supports RAEX IR.21 version 9.2 implementation.