Smart Protect

Complete network protection and revenue assurance.

  • 75% Mobile Operators with revenue leakage
  • There is around 45% not monetized A2P traffic
  • A2P is estimated to be worth $70bn by 2020
  • Operators lose $7.65bn a year by grey-market messaging
  • Around 2 trillion short messages transacted globally in 2018


Increasing number of entities entering network leads to proliferating threats entering MNOs. This generates the necessity for proof network protection.
With our continuous effort and commitment to our MNO partners we have developed complete end-to-end solution to bring full security and new revenue streams. Our team of experts constant monitoring and vigilance ensure network security and protection of revenue.
By incorporating our solution, the MNO can rest assured having full visibility and control of what is being terminated into its network because of the near real-time updates and powerful security system.


  • Automatic real time threat detection
  • Real time monitoring
  • Flexible and powerful rule system
  • Easy implementation and integration
  • Supporting all types of connectivity
  • Fully managed solution
  • Graphical data presentation
  • Content detection (phrases, keywords, expressions)
  • SMS filtering
  • HLR lookup, Blocking, GT controlling
  • Extensive reporting and statistics for full insight


  • No technological dependency and unified market pricing (network stability)
  • Full control of all incoming traffic
  • EDCH integrated part of MNOs Network
  • Complete network insight to MNO partner
  • Data and financial Clearing for A2P SMS traffic
  • Subscribers loyalty, satisfaction and lifetime value growth
  • No risk, zero CAPEX, zero OPEX
  • Monetizing what was an untapped revenue stream