Dashboard – The Key Performance Indicator

Dashboard displays key performance indicators in a simple, high level summary which can be understood within a few seconds. The Dashboard is available in three modules

Financial Clearing Dashboard
Displays the overall status of an operator’s roaming payments and receivables.
Displays the current status of usage threshold breaches and rejected NRTRDE files.
Roaming Cockpit
Highlights key roaming measures such as the top Roaming Partners, revenue trends, and overall market share.
Traffic & Tariffs
Helps clients both to observe roaming patterns, and to detect and investigate any abnormal drops in traffic.
TAP Files
This is useful for prioritising the correction of TAP files to avoid revenue loss when the files expire.

Features and benefits:

Single Point of Access
The financial clearing dashboard displays the total net receivables, payables and its corresponding collections and payments. Also gives a clear picture of the percentage of incoming invoices which are either booked , missing or disputed.

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Global Reach
The dashboard displays the recent status of usage threshold breaches by outbound subscribers and for inbound visitors . NRTRDE dashboard also depicts the rejected NRTRDE files and cause of rejection. It makes the job even easier by displaying the liability risk of any rejected outbound NRTRDE that contain threshold breaches.

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The roaming cockpit displays the top roaming partners based on Traffic and revenue trends. The dashboard also helps in analyzing the market share statistics that assists in planning and monitoring of steering.

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Traffic and Tariffs provides a quick overview of which RPs are exchanging the most traffic with the client, including service-level breakup (voice, SMS and data).
TAP Files is useful for prioritising the correction of TAP files to avoid revenue loss when the files expire .It helps in following up with RPs, to ensure timely billing of the client’s own subscribers and can help to minimise erroneous call records.