EDCH Digital Content Solution – Digital Entertainment in the palm of your hands

EDCH Digital Content Solution is a multi-media services which delivers the on-demand Digital content experience directly to your subscriber’s mobile device

Through our solution you will be able to host your own Digital Service with the following content types:

EDCH Digital Content Solution comprises of the following platforms:

  • 1

    Video Streaming Platform (VSP) – The platform main functionality is to manage the user experience and enable the content to be streamed on the mobile device or PC

  • 2

    Service Delivery Platform (SDP) – The SDP ensures all back-end functions like subscription management, billing and notification are performed in tandem to the streaming product

  • 3

    Content Management System (CMS) – The CMS enables admin team to moderate and manage the contents inside the portal and also deck the content in the portal and organize them based on categories, genres, ratings etc.,

Our Unique Selling Points are:

Web App & Responsive
The product will have a unified experience across all devices over their web portal, ios and android apps
APIs for all system integrations
We support tailormade APIs to connect your product with all telecom peripherals
Cloud Based Solution
The entire solution is hosted on the cloud and hence there is flexibility in the deployment irrespective of the location
Support for Bundling and Vouchers
Our solution has support for vouchers and bundling offers which helps to amplify the marketing of the product

EDCH Digital Content Solution is a one-stop destination to enhance your digital content portfolio and we enable you to create your own services with the fastest go-to-market timelines.

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