IOT Check

Inter-Operator Tariff Check is a facility that ensures that TAP records are charged according to the correct and updated rate.

High Usage Report

High Usage Reports are based on TAP files which are generated to monitor abnormal activity on networks.


Near Real Time Roaming Data Exchange is a GSM procedure that requires operators to exchange roaming records in near real time to prevent fraud.

EDCH Reports Package

Understanding data from TAP files is difficult and at times overwhelming. A single TAP file may contain a lot call records.

EDCH Online

The EDCH Online website provides real time access to operators’ roaming business data.

Data Warehouse

The Data Warehouse is a goldmine of roaming statistics, providing detailed insights on roaming traffic.

Roaming Agreement Negotiation

The Roaming Agreement Negotiation service allows operators to outsource to EDCH the administrative burden of signing agreements with new roaming partners.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics is a suite of business intelligence products which can predict the effects of changes to an operator’s IOT (Inter-Operator Tariff), to assist with maximising roaming revenues.


The RAEX IR.21 service allows operators to outsource the entire IR.21 document maintenance process to EDCH.


The Re-Rating service modifies the prices of TAP file call records to apply discount agreements easily.


Our signalling service provides streamlined network connection and maintenance, to enable seamless international roaming service provision.

SIM Watch

As the number of test SIM cards entrusted to you increases with each new roaming agreement, so does the need for careful monitoring of their usage.


Our training courses provide an excellent overview of GSM roaming, for both newcomers and seasoned professionals.


A GRX (GPRS Roaming Exchange) is essential for data roaming. It is a form of exchange hub, connected to other GRX providers to support worldwide data access.