EDCH Reports Package

Understanding data from TAP files is difficult and at times overwhelming. A single TAP file may contain a lot call records. In addition, a single operator may send and receive numerous amounts of TAP files each day. Keeping track of this data and tabulating the week, month or even a whole year is very difficult. To be able to understand roaming traffic, data must be presented in a manageable display to help roaming managers make better marketing decisions.

EDCH offers specialized reports that display statistical data from TAP files in a concise, comprehensive and intelligent manner. These reports are designed to help roaming mangers understand their network’s performance and provide basis for future marketing decisions and reach your marketing objectives.

With EDCH Reports Package, roaming managers are better equipped in understanding their roaming business.

  • Fast and Accessible. These reports are based on data that you have with EDCH. We simply organize and structure your data in a way for you to understand it better and have more control over your roaming business. Majority of these reports can be viewed on EDCH Online.
  • Comprehensive Data. These specialized reports are designed for analysis. This will help you understand you’re the performance of your network. This allows you to get a better incite over your roaming business and supplement your roaming business strategy.
  • Customizable Requirements. We can customize these reports according to your specifications. EDCH is more than happy to work with you in making these reports better to suit your needs.