eSIM Activation

The activation of an eSIM module is achieved via remote SIM provisioning (RSP), whereby an operator’s SIM profile is sent to a device via an active Internet connection, e.g. through a Wi-Fi network. EDCH offers a full end-to-end, GSMA-certified RSP service. Our portfolio includes a full line of eUICC platforms and operating systems, applications, development suites and testing tools, OTA server systems, packaging and fulfilment services, as well as engineering and consultation services in support of custom applications. In addition to RSP for consumer eSIM devices, we also support M2M devices.


EDCH utilizes technology developed by industry pioneers in both SIM and eSIM technology. Our expertise and experience covers all aspects of the eUICC, OTA/Device Management systems, and mobile service deployment from the early stages of concept and specification development, through network testing and services launch, to the introduction of value-added services.

We offer flexible, OPEX commercial models which are designed to minimize operators’ costs of launching eSIM services, allowing revenue optimization to be maintained in parallel with the introduction of more eSIM handsets and greater consumer adoption.


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    EDCH utilizes technology developed by industry pioneers.

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    Our expertise covers all aspects of the UICC, OTA/Device Management systems, and mobile service deployment.

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    We offer flexible commercial models with low setup fees.


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    The elimination of costs associated with traditional SIM cards, such as distribution, packaging and design, provisioning, and storage.

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    Shorter registration times.

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    The facilitation of new business models in domains including the Internet of Things, and MVNOs.

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    Competitive advantages, by supporting specific subscribers’ requirements such as new wearable devices.