Financial clearing and settlement with its varied terms and multiple currencies is a challenging task in which revenue assurance, transparency, control and the continuous flow of information are vital.

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    Financial Invoices are sent and received monthly between operators to be settled by our in-house Financial Clearing Facilities.

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    Outsource your Financial Reconciliation. EDCH has the facilities and the certified professionals to generate a complete financial report.

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    Take full advantage of EDCH’s vast network of operators and let us settle your Finances with your roaming partners.

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    SMS Interworking

    SMS Interworking is a financial clearing service that settles all SMS invoices generated between you & your roaming partners.

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    The EDCH Online website provides you with round the clock access to all your financial transaction details.

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    PRA Settlement

    Preferred Roaming Agreement (PRA) is an agreement between two roaming partners where both of them exchange their roaming traffic towards each other.