Strategizing and moving with the industry will ensure we achieve our milestones

20th October 2015

Emirates Data Clearing House, General Manager Nasser Salim speaks about the new trends and the industry outlook that prevails in the data clearing Business.

Established in 1994, Emirates Data Cleaning House (EDCH) holds the credibility of being the most trusted and reliable intelligent Roaming and Revenue management partner that strives to enhance subscribers experience and Mobile Operator business performance at all times. Designed as per GSM standards, EDCH suite of products enables mobile operators to offer seamless customer experience to its subscribers, thus helping the mobile operators to visibly enhance their revenues while reducing operational cost.

Having achieved certifications such as ISO27001:2005 and ISO9001:2008, EDCH is the only Data Clearing House based in the Middle East with clients spanning across the globe. Etisalat Services Holding is the holding company of Etisalat’s various subsidiaries including EDCH. Teletimes had a brief Q+A session with Mr. Nasser Salim, General Manager at EDCH during GSMA Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona last month.

Mr. Nasser Salim is a seasoned telecom professional with more than 18 years of experience in Telecommunication industry at various leadership positions, including a successful stint at ETISALAT , UAE . He has been recently appointed by ETISALAT Management to spearhead its EDCH business and take it to the next level.


Q- What are some of the big priorities for the company today?

A- EDCH though established in 1994, providing a complete suite of Roaming Clearing Services solution to GSM mobile operators is still the only Data Clearing House based in the Middle East and is successfully serving many leading operators in Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe. EDCH core services covers Data Clearing, Financial Clearing, Revenue Assurance, Value Added Services, Mobile Money Hub and other customized solutions. Our top priority for today is to evolve and go beyond Data Clearing House core services with value added offerings to GSM Operators as per our clientele’s market demands/ Challenges. We want our mobile operator clients to see us as a reliable intelligent roaming and revenue management partner who continuously strive to help grow their Business.

Q- Operators face a lot of challenge in terms of monetizing their network investments. How can EDCH help on this regard?

A- EDCH primarily focuses on Roaming clearing and we play a major role in monetization of Operator’s roaming data by developing analytical tools that can help our clients to plan, implement, monitor, predict and settle roaming  agreements with special discount which leads to cost savings and increases revenue generation. We also play a major role in minimizing the ever-increasing fraud threats within the mobile industry going beyond roaming.

Q- What are some of the upcoming trends in the next gen revenue management space?

A- The two main areas that we foresee are within Predictive Data Analytic &, E Commerce

Q- How do you look at the South Asia and the Asia PAC geographies?

A- The developing countries are high volume, low ARPU geographies and we see vast opportunities mainly because  of the tech-savvy segment who are early adopters. They who are willing to pay extra for premium services. They are quick to adapt to technology so the new services on E-Commerce will gain popularity there given the regulations are eased.

Q- What kind of growth is the company looking at?

A- Given our affiliation with the Etisalat Corporation which makes us the unique DCH among the global top 5 DCH’s, we believe that strategizing and moving with  the industry will ensure we achieve our milestones. Diversification and increasing market share within MEA and APAC is our focus followed by a strong push into newer product domains.