TAP Correction

EDCH TAP Correction is a service whereby TAP files are corrected on behalf of the client.

TAP file validation is performed each time EDCH receives TAP files from clients as per GSM TADIG standards. If in the case files are corrupted or invalid (Severe and Fatal errors), TAP files will need to be revised before it is processed. Otherwise, the files will be rejected and returned back to the client. If these invalid TAP files are not corrected within 30 days, as per GSMA standards, they will be expired and the client will incur a considerable amount of revenue loss. Correcting large volumes of data is a tedious process for the client, which will consume its time and resources.

By outsourcing this task to EDCH, the client will be spared from the tedious process of revising each and every call record, thereby, saving the client’s time and resources.