EID Exchange

Electronic Invoice Data exchanged online. Less operational cost and more time saved for settlements.

Financial Invoicing

Financial Invoices are sent and received monthly between operators to be settled by our in-house Financial Clearing Facilities.

Financial Reconciliation

Outsource your Financial Reconciliation. EDCH has the facilities and the certified professionals to generate a complete financial report.

Financial Settlement

Take full advantage of EDCH’s vast network of operators and let us settle your Finances with your roaming partners.


Payment Notification Reports are electronic supplements of bank notification that facilitate faster and more efficient reconciliation.

PRA Settlement

Preferred Roaming Agreement (PRA) is an agreement between two roaming partners where both of them exchange their roaming traffic towards each other.

SMS Interworking

SMS Interworking is a financial clearing service that settles all SMS invoices generated between you & your roaming partners.