IOT Check

Inter-Operator Tariff (IOT) Check is a facility that ensures that TAP records are charged according to the correct and updated rate.

EDCH’s IOT check facility targets revenue assurance by ensuring that all files sent from and received by our clients contain valid charges, in accordance with the AA.14 and the special agreements made between our clients and their roaming partners.

Detect/remove/re-rate incorrectly charged TAP records.
Both TAPIN (based on roaming partner’s AA14) and TAPOUT (based on client’s AA14) files can be validated/checked.
IOT reports are sent to the client for all TAP files identified with incorrect charges.
RAP generation and handling for IOT-related rejections.
Our dedicated IOT Team manages and supports all IOT-related issues.
Vast AA.14 database of operators and growing.
Multiple charging policies, special discounts, and IMSI based re-pricing are possible.
Enhances revenue assurance, prevents revenue leakage, and helps to avoid financial reconciliation and disputes.
Comprehensive IOT training can be provided at the client’s site.
EDCH’s IOT Check service detects incorrect charges in our client’s TAPIN files. It offers the following benefits:
Minimize revenue loss and customer complaints due to overcharged calls.
Minimize customer churn.
Optimize roaming revenue by protecting against undercharged calls.
Minimize workload on your customer support department due to overcharged calls.