Red Alert

One of the biggest challenges for mobile operators today is to detect and prevent roaming fraud.

The GSMA Fraud Forum (FF) group has introduced a process of which it helps reporting and sharing of information about fraud incidents by FF members, which may be of use in the prevention or detection of fraud.

FF decided to share with its members an excel sheet which contains HOT B numbers and High risk ranges which were used in such type of fraud so that telecom operators can protect their revenues from similar potential Fraud hits.

EDCH Red Alert service is a value added service to NRTRDE compliant operators which help those operators to protect their revenue streams from fraud incidents and it has the below two modules.

  • 1

    Monitor calls to HOT B destination Numbers

  • 2

    Monitor calls performed by black listed IMSI’s

EDCH will be analysing In-bound & Out-bound roaming traffic through NRTRDE and will provide alerting mechanism to its customers in near real time in order to improve response time to such suspected call behaviours.