International Money Remittance Hub

EDCH International Remittance Hub is a technology platform that offers Mobile Money Operators a safe , secure and fast deployment connection to the world, enabling global reach and interoperability with a diverse range of partners like Mobile Money Operators, Money Transfer Operator, Exchange house and banks.

As the digital economy is growing up our International Remittance Hub connects mobile money ecosystems to the world and enables mobile wallet holders to purchase goods, send and receive funds from multiple payment services across the globe. Today, with the fast penetration of digital technology in our daily life, distance does no more matter. Why someone living abroad could not in addition of sending money could not be able to directly pay hi family bills, goods in supermarket, online as he was still in he’s home country ? EDCH Remittance Hub purpose is to connect families no matter the distance and allow them to received funds instantly, get their bills and their goods paid from another side of the globe.



Mobile Money & Fintech Solutions Offered By EDCH

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