TAP Handling

Transferred Account Procedure (TAP) handling service provides a complete solution in format verification, transfer protocol and online access.

All TAP files received at EDCH, from clients destined to their roaming partner operators or vice versa, will be verified for all formats and releases. The content of TAP files will be validated as per GSM Association standards and transmitted to their destinations through the established transfer protocol.

Both clients and roaming partners will be notified as and when the TAP files are processed. The status of files is also visible to clients at any time via the EDCH Online website.

The following tasks will also be performed:

  • 1

    Rejection of duplicate call records within and across TAP files.

  • 2

    Provision to reject files based on GSM industry standards.

  • 3

    Follow-up with the clients and their roaming partner or respective clearinghouse for all pending, rejected, delayed and missing TAP Data. This will be done using GSMA standard reports and, in the case of clients, additional custom reports.

  • 4

    Re-transmission and re-processing of files upon the client’s request.

  • 5

    An additional service is available whereby EDCH will correct TAP files on behalf of clients. This time-saving service assists clients in earlier detection of fraud and the avoidance of lost revenue due to TAP files exceeding their time limit for processing.